Scene can mean to accept the last statement posed and can be used to show appreciation and gratitude. The word "scene" is similar to "safe" in respects of usage.
Charlie: Jen you want bun on Spliff?

Jen: Scene.
by Charlie F August 29, 2005
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when everyone is sooooo much better then you.
beucse scene is everything better then you
im so scene
by katylinscenequeen February 24, 2010
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A not-real clique made up of punks, emos, and wanna-be preps so that they can all hang out and not seem like losers. A sad attempt at popularity, even though the other, real cliques still label them as either punk, emo, or wanna-be prep.
Pretty Girl 1: That girl actually thinks that scene is real, so she like what, won't be labeled as a punk. That's so stupid.

Pretty Girl 2: How pathetic! (Both laugh at the sad attempt at popularity)
by Popularprep101 April 17, 2008
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Something that I noticed the most is that a scene dude will gladly make out with another pathetic scene dude so that said scene dudes can get into scene chick's pants.
Then, scene girl then proceeds to photograph the ULTRA SEXXXy event and post it all over myspace.com, or make Livejournal icons out of the pictures (which were of course taken at a *bleep*ing 50 degree angle).
&&. Boyz Kissing = SEXX <33333<3<3
by That chick named Candice July 06, 2005
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A trend that died along with Myspace, thank god.
I never see scene kids anywhere anymore.
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Wanna be stereotype emo's. Mostly call themselves emo. They normally really piss us off. They just try to be emo because they think it is cool. 3/4ths of the stuff at Hot Topic is for scene kids
by xxThatDudexx November 25, 2011
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In public, you already know how to identify these kids. Unfortunately, online, there are two extreme.

1. Look for the person that seem to be using words that are meant to sound poetic and appear as though they've just freshly been looked up on thesaurus.com.

2. If not that, look for sentences and phrases that are mind-numbingling and purposefully incorrect in grammar. This can often distinguish males from females. When in doubt, look for a lot of 'X'es between their words. This is a very distinguishing factor.

If using a site that displays pictures, expect an angled photograph, likely with hair falling over at least some portion of their face.
Non-scene kid writing a simple profile for himself:

"Hi, my name is Brad an I'm 20 years old. My hobbies are biking, running, and traveling. I also enjoy music on occasion."

Poetically-accurate scene kid writing a profile for himself:

"Hey, my name is Chris and I am forever the unbearing image of a hopeless and deprived generation. The archaic means with which I conduct my activities are meant to express my undying dismay for a system which attempts to destroy my very being; a system in which I refuse to participate. Body modification and music solely encompass my crowded itinerary; if my hand isn't expressing itself on the frets of my acoustic guitar, it's expressing itself through my next tattoo design on paper. I won't even list the artists I listen to...you never would have heard of them."

Ridiculously Simple Scene Kid writing a profile:

"hi, im chelsea and im 19 yo. i enjoy things like idk, music nad drwing adn art dna fashn ndadandandan stuff like that. my boyfriend conor is the love of my life so evry1 else BACK OFF!!! <3 <3 <3 u can see me at shows and at schol evry once in a while as lng as im not skipping! xhardxcorex <3 i listen to a lot of music, but nothing u wuld no, nad uh yah add me adn we cn chat! <3"
by WorldAssault May 24, 2009
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