Usually self conceited, another words, love yourself a lott.
Think you're the best out of everyone. Don't be nice to anyone you don't like, or that you think copies you. Be a bitch to them.

Swear a lot. The most used word in the scene girls dictionary would probably be 'cunt'. You don't have to say it, but it gives points.
The words 'radd' and 'spiffy' are dying, very quickly, so it's not the best decision to use those much.
Add extras onto the ends of words. Instead of 'hell' say 'hella'.

Mostly listen to hard core music. Popular ones are 'Norma Jean' 'Beneath the Massacre' and 'Bring me the Horizon'
Stuff like Christina Agulara or Britney Spears is a HUGE no.

Clothing style-
There's actually two types of 'scene'
The major one consists of band t's and tight black jeans. The tighter the jeans, the better, same with the shirts.
The other is 'cute'. Hello Kitty and gloomy bear are popular.

The most popular hair for 'scene girls' would probably consist of loads of volume, the bigger the better. Which means you need a teasing comb and loads of hair spray if you wanna pull it off.
Straightner is a must! Curly or wavy hair is almost suicide.
Guys have hair cover part of their face, not whole, part. Girls show their face off.

Girls- Thick thick thick eyeliner. And black eyeshadow
Orr a bit thick eyeliner, and brightly colored eyeshadow.
Foundation/coverup. And lipgloss
Guys- Most guys don't wear chap stick. But if you're scene, you should, to keep that flawless look you want to achieve. Nothing much is required. If you feel the need, you can use foundation/coverup.

AND a myspace is a MUST! Get loads of friends, comments, and picture comments. Once again, it's a must!
'I'm so hott'
'You're a fcuking cunt'
'That's hella awesome'
'She's so scene'
by ArielxCore December 26, 2007
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Scene is when people think they are emo but can't pull it off.

Also called emo or a wanna be
The Girl Breanna Who Calls Her Self Sheppers Or Whatever Is Soooo SCENE! She Is Soo Skinny.
by HaahaaJJ September 05, 2007
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like emo, but preppier. some might even suggest that it is emo, with a new name, and rather less wrist-cutting. often characterized by tight pants, checkers, stripes, multitonal hair, and short, choppy, straight haircuts.
Anna wanted to hang out with the scene kids, but her hair had not been highly processed and straightened yet.
by HannahBear December 12, 2006
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A synonym for emo .
Ben is such an emo bitch w/ all his tight women's clothing and dark hair covering one eye, but he says he's isn't instead calling himself "scene."


Scene=something emo bitches made up to not be picked on for being emo.
by Rusty Nutz April 17, 2008
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A very annoying group of people who flock to any local show. These people are often seen having hair, which is similar to that of the emo style.

Scene people are not exactly emo though. They are generally just about the appearance and currently cool fads. They commonly wear shirts with dinosaurs on them, or local bands, to fit into the scene. The girls drench themselves in white beaded necklaces. They have also tried stealing Vans and Converse, but it's still better than preps getting their hands on it. Scene people are just into the fads and are RIDICULOUSLY OBSESSED with myspace.
Look at those scene kids, flocking to the local shows.
by BleedingTorment October 17, 2006
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Well only one of you guys seem to really get the scene.
The scene (was) a place for creative self expression and good music. You shared ideas, bands, and new styles with your friends since you were more than likely the only kids in the school with the afinity to dress wierd (albeit very brightly).
Scene Kids are not all stupid, self-indulging, camera whores.
we used to pride our selves on being different and then everyone was scene.
Yes we do love makeup and fashion and music.

The scene used to be a good thing. We used to be the select few artsy, but somewhat not depressing, kids.
We were what we were and we were very defensive about what we liked.
But then like all things that become fads, the scene was slowly picked up by other cliques.
For instace i saw a SCENE cheerleader... Thats just plain wrong.
but naturally we are disgusted by what the whores have done to the scene.
But like all fads, the scene fad will end and people will look upon it as "remember that time when everyone had crazy colored hair and skinny jeans and bright makeup?" like people look upon the eighties.

And that is my piece.
"Ever since the whores took over the scene, i dont wanna be scene anymore."

"Wow that old shool shirt is so scene."

"I love your bright makeup, its so scene."

"That girl tries too hard to be scene"

one true scene kid to another: "The freshman 'scene' chick says she need her 'nic-fix' ... what is she like 12?"

"And thats why im not scene anymore."

by Savannuhhh October 15, 2007
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people that have backpacks with disney characters such as, the lion king, dora explorer, etc.

they also attend the weekly "emo" shows at the pavillion.

Person#1: yo, who's that person with the lion king backpack?
Person#2: thats katherine ! shes so scene
Person#1: does she go to the "THE SHOW"?
Person#2: DUUHHHH thats where all da scene kids GO!
by OMMFUCKERS! December 22, 2006
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