this is just speculation based on that the scene subculture must have existed before it became popular:

in the early 2000s people who went to raves to socialze stopped doing so because it came too violent/mainstream/whatever. they started to form around the indie/alternative/hardcore music they liked and being ravers that was not music especially palatable to musicians.

as such its similar to emo in that scensters are musically still young; but different in that scensters are quite a bit older.

what was at first a sign that you liked to socialize became elitist in that you were as cool as the number of bands you knew well/had slept with. hence there is a love/hate relationship with scensters and musicians.
the scene gives me nightmares

i knew some scensters in Manchester in the early 2000s. whatever happened to them?
by old but beautiful August 28, 2007
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Basically a preppy emo.
Likes include;
Misspelling words. Example..."dinosawr" "cuppycake" "kidd".
TolgaTRON and Vitamin Cupcake Lexus M. are the fucking Scene King/Queen!!!
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scene is where kids just fallow the scene that is going around at the time cause they are scared to be them self and do what they want and they keep changing from scene to scene because they are scared to be labled . they think they are better than you and make fun of you cause you like diferent thing to them.
tight jeans
tight tops
kids clothes
by robin harrison February 23, 2006
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scum of the earth. wear extensions and don't wash their hair. They always borrow their friends jeans and say stuff like "my life sucks" or "fuck you". Copy their friend's style and call it their own. Most likely bi or gay. Likes to look feminine. Loves hardcore rock but talks like a gangsta prick when most arent. Whines all the time about his suburban life sucks and how his hair doesn't look right. Shaves eyebrows and legs. Wears tight rolled up jeans. Secretly wants to be a girl. Cuts himself. Hangs out at the mall every friday and saturday night because he has no real life outside of that location. Has no perception of the real world. Lives stuck in his state of mind. Has "photoshoots" in which he dresses like a transexual. Usually the pictures are taken by his fat friend who wishes she was his girlfriend and calls herself his BFF. Thinks is better than everyone. Walks like there's something stuck up his butt. Drinks sprite. Spikes up hair on the back and wears gay-like extensions. shaves chest hair. wears eyeliner and foundation. dyes hair and loves anime like pokemon.

Scene Kid 1: Rawr!
Scene Kid 2: Pika!
by LE01 February 03, 2008
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scene is those kids who overdo their personal photoshoots by their obscure camera angles and excessive amounts of makeup, so we have no idea what they actually look like.
they seem cool, but they're just trendy.
and their nexopia and myspace pages are the same way. they're overdone and colourful. you have no idea what this person is actually like.
scene kids are the ones with over eight pictures on their nexopia or myspace page that are all from a self indulgent photoshoot that they dressed up for
by always-searching June 02, 2006
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This is a style. It is not a person. It is a type of attitude and should not be taken lightly. People tend to think scene kids should always a certain way, no. They are who they are.
underOath, the almost, lostprophets.
That scene band is so hot.
by cheree July 31, 2007
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A scene kid usually wears Skinny Jeans.
Sometimes has piercings,
has Cool hair.
Wears Nice Designed T-shirts, And nice clothes.
Most dye their hair, Like multi colors, or one.
Most have black/and/or blonde.
Like Hot topic (expensive, go 2 RUE 21!)
Most have a myspace, But Have many pics.
(I personally Don't)
Usually hang around at the mall, or local businesses.
"Becky and john went to the mall to go buy some nice skinny jeans" "the scene kids down there have some nice clothes"
by foreverinlove_94 July 23, 2009
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