What emo kids call themselves. Much like fat people calling themselves big-boned.
Emo Chick: I tripped over my Converses today!

Normal Person: Due to the amazing amount of dyed hair you have in your face?

Emo Chick: No, I was dancing to my Dashboard Confessional CD. Dude, look at my SEXX myspace pictures. There's 10 trillion! But now I'm sad. So sad. I need to go slash in my parent's upper middle class home.

Normal Person: Do you ever think you're a little bit emo?

Emo Chick: No! Emos are ew! I'm a super-rad SCENE girl!
by marzzi December 27, 2006
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Boys/girls with short chopp hair(usually black) with some bright colors added in. Usually go to shows on the weekend cause they think its cool and a "way of life",eventhough it isnt. Usually wear neon braclets, and band hoodies or hoodies with neon things on it. Wears TIGHTTTT skinny jeans(usually have every color) and converses or slip on vans with colored in squares. Think they're origional when they're not, and think they are like this cause they dont fit it with other people because other people think that they are better then others, when they think this exact same way. Most think its cool to be derpressed?
So last night, i was so hxc depressed i cut myself all over because im so scene, like omfg.
by kate1234 November 16, 2007
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scene kids usually have choppy short hair. And their hair might even be a crzy unusual color or black, their hair might also be more than one color. scene kids usually have tight pants, and they wear flat shoes, or converse shoes.
they like dinosaurs, bows, polka dots, retro, robots, and taking pictures of themselves. They usually like bright colors, and are addicted to myspace. the girls among the scene kids usually wear alot of makeup around the eyes.
Jenny: look at my totally hot pink hair, don't you love it.
Sally: love ur hair, it's so scenexcore.
Jenny: i also got some more skinny jeans aren't they darling?
Sally: wow, they are the best.
by scene_chicks_are_sexy December 15, 2007
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a stupid fagg-ish myspace fad which requires you to wear tight clothes and a "radd" haircut. if scene people actually call THEMSELVES scene, they are most likely fake. they also take pictures at weird angles cause they like to be "different". if you are scene, you THINK you are unique and different, but you are not. every single fucking moron trys to be like you. scene people think they are hardxcore when they are really gay pussys that are afraid of the pit and need to get the fuck over it. most scene kids are gay, insecure, THINK they are original, bi, fake, or two-face copiers of other scene kids. get that? now go write it down.
Kira: hey! look! there is a scene kid! he is completely un- original and he thinks he looks rad with his tight clothes and his stretched ears!

James: Yah! and those are exactly the people we dont want to be like because we have to be ourselves!

by rachelkk May 05, 2008
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the myspace trend which consists of un-original guys/girls whose pictures are taken at an awkward angle and most of think they will grow up to be hairstylists, models, cosmetologists, or photographers
posers who think they pwn the world because they know the lyrics to the latest "punk-rock" music on MTV
wearing polka dot and dinosaur shirts with bows in there choppy black/multicolored hair and obnoxious attitudes telling people to "stop drink hater-ade because im better than you- kthxbai"
usually come with piercings
basically Egotistic, Self-Centered, Narcissistic idiots
A Scene Kids Myspace Pic Comment:
"z0mgawd, boo
you look so SxC
drop dead gorgeous
by Kashaf January 26, 2008
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-band shirts
-skinny jeans
-tight hoodies
-tight shirts
-colored hair......black, blonde, red....etc
-long bangs, colored bangs, mullets(kind of)
-eye shadow
-go to hardcore shows
-2-step. pit dance
my girlfriend.

scene kid one: you going to that devil wears prada show.
scene kid two: hell ya it will be STELLAR
by Brandon Ailes November 16, 2006
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scene is like emo but obnoxious and attention seeking. Its really all about liking things from your chilhood in an alterna way ie my little pony, hair bows, power rangers, anything can really be justified. One must have scene hair to be scene ie: two tone, black, platinum, teased, crazy bangs, with bows. You will not realize how scene you are until you are not scene anymore. Scenesters like music that it sounds good to say outloud that youre a fan of. The scene should really only be for like sophmores in high school, youre really too old after that but you will look really cool to the 15 year old scene kids who stalk you on myspace.
One must have be seen to be scene.
Idk I think your two tone looks pretty scene.
by ikatemylife September 07, 2007
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