The term, "scene," is used in several ways.

1. Another word for "subculture" that doesn't sound quite so scientific, allowing it to be used in daily conversation. Used this way it usually has an adjective modifying it: the "indy scene" or the "hardcore scene" or the "emo scene." When someone refers to a particular "scene," they're talking about everything - the people, the places, the fashion, the music, and the trends.

2. A tongue-in-cheek reference to the trends and fashions of the various scenes. Many of these subcultures were built around countercultural ideals and nonconformist attitudes; the fact that trends even exist is humorous irony, and using "scene" as an adjective originally intended to lampoon that.

3. A trend of sorts that evolved from the indy, emo, and hardcore scenes (see the first definition); basically, anything that can be sold at Hot Topic. As events like Warped Tour - and artists like Avril Lavigne - became popular, the trends and fashions of these three scenes (and a few others) were gradually amalgamized and commericalized to create the generic "scene" monkier. Someone who is "scene" generally borrows from the various subcultures and combines them together - you can tell they're part of *a* scene, but no one is quite sure *what* scene. It is important to note that this use of "scene" refers to a fashion trend - it isn't a subculture in its own right, because it has no music, venues, or attitudes of its own to live on after it loses popularity.

4. An ironic insult toward followers of the "scene" trend outlined in 3. Calling someone "scene" brings up images of Avril Lavigne, Hot Topic, Good Charlotte, and, more recently, Myspace; it implies that he or she is a fair-weather fan, conforming to be popular or to fit in. In that sense, it is related to the term poseur. It also implies being more worried about the more visible icons of a particular scene (the fashion and language, for example) than the music that the scene is founded on. Calling someone a scenester basically means the same thing.
1. Atreyu is a relative newcomer to the hardcore scene, but is developing a rabid cult fanbase.

2. Wow... a Thundercats shirt, crotch-hugging faded jeans, and a devilock... how very scene of you. Not to mention your ratty Converse shoes or your Know Your Mushrooms armband.

3. Be more scene. Shop at Hot Topic.

4. Enjoy being scene while it lasts, because Myspace isn't enough to keep it going once the next fad hits.
by progamer124 August 06, 2005
Emo music/lifestyle for kids who think they're too good for emo.
Fall out Boy is too emo for me, I'm going to go listen to that new scene band Panic! At the Disco.
by Ben Riedel April 28, 2006
-dinosaur loving, myspace worshiping, cam whoring, shallow, waste of life on the face of the earth kid.
-says phrases like "omgz im so hardxcore"
-adds a z after everything.

-claims to start every single trend.
-an "uncomformist" even though there are a bajillion scene kids

-posts bulletins begging for comments on all 40 of their pics that are all taken in the dark, from an angle, wearing a butt load of makeup,or attempting to look emo (on myspace)

see emo scene kid
SCENE KID 1- "omgsh. did you see that? she had on silver eyeshadow! i started that! now im gunna hafta do something else because im such an uncomformist!"
by Asheli April 01, 2006
Cuts their own hair, wears dirty clothes, piles on the makeup, on "myspace" every second, bitchy attiutude, "doesn't care what you think about them", and thinks they are hardxcore.
"Oh god, don't talk to that scene kid over there."
by Erica W. February 25, 2006
Retards who let thier 3 year old siblings cut thier hair and wear thier belts to the side. Why? If you don't have crappy hair, then you aren't scene and if you aren't scene then you aren't hardcore and if you aren't hardcore, then you can't wear your belt to the side, and if you can't wear your belt to the side, then you can't wear one at all, and if you can't wear a belt your pants will fall down, and if your pants fall down everyone will see your Barney underwear, with the skid marks in the back.
SceneKid: Yea I heard you mom just had a baby, you think she can cut my hair?
NormalKid: Uhh I dunno she's taking it easy for a few.
SceneKid: What? I meant the baby..
by The Brittster February 11, 2006
An overrated group of teenagers, bonding together and soaking up each other's "hardXcoreness."
I'm a hardXcore scene martian who likes to disco all night long, rad is I.
by Beccaroo December 09, 2005
Scene(adjective) A word describing a person,usually a teenager, who follows fads like a religion while ditching the fad for a new one while denying they were ever apart of the old fad.
A typical 'scene' kid is (usually)narcisstic and often takes excessive photos of themself in order to decorate their personal online journal or blog.
1.He is so scene,last week he was a punk and now he is an emo kid;he acts as if he was never a punk rocker at all.

2. These people on myspace are so scene; they have thousands of pictures of themselves in stupid poses.
by 454545454 November 25, 2005
The Typical Scene Boy:

Hi my name is Stupid Fucking Poser. I'm really insecure so I'm gonna dye my hair black and grow it long so it covers my face because I'm so fucking ugly that no one would like me if it wasn't hidden. And I love following the crowd so I buy girl jeans that don't fit my disgusting body and my small dick is pressed tight against the zipper for all the 14 year old girls to see. God I’m SO SPECIAL AND UNIQUE.

My best friend is my flat iron and pomade.
I don’t eat carbs but I like The Faint and underage drinking.
My favorite activity is shopping for Converse and trying not to let my pretend girlfriend know that I’m a fucking faggot.

And every time I go to clubs I have to be REALLY wasted and completely drunk because I secretly have NO personality and all my friends really HATE ME because all I ever do it make out with random ugly kids who are really 15 but somehow got into the club.. and of course I make out with boys that look EXACTLY like me because its cool to pretend I’m something I’m not. When I go to Club 82, I pay $8 to sit outside of a patio and smoke other people’s cigarettes and talk shit about everyone that has their back turned to me.

When I finally decide to dance to all those lame 80’s songs, I try to dance but really I'm just having a fucking seizure to look cool, even though it never works. I swing my arms in the air and shuffle my feet like I have fucking Parkinson’s.. and I always pick the dumbest sluttiest girl to grind my crotch against. HEHE.
duuuuude im so scene im gonna slit my wrists coz my "friends" do
by shelf October 15, 2005
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