The term, "scene," is used in several ways.

1. Another word for "subculture" that doesn't sound quite so scientific, allowing it to be used in daily conversation. Used this way it usually has an adjective modifying it: the "indy scene" or the "hardcore scene" or the "emo scene." When someone refers to a particular "scene," they're talking about everything - the people, the places, the fashion, the music, and the trends.

2. A tongue-in-cheek reference to the trends and fashions of the various scenes. Many of these subcultures were built around countercultural ideals and nonconformist attitudes; the fact that trends even exist is humorous irony, and using "scene" as an adjective originally intended to lampoon that.

3. A trend of sorts that evolved from the indy, emo, and hardcore scenes (see the first definition); basically, anything that can be sold at Hot Topic. As events like Warped Tour - and artists like Avril Lavigne - became popular, the trends and fashions of these three scenes (and a few others) were gradually amalgamized and commericalized to create the generic "scene" monkier. Someone who is "scene" generally borrows from the various subcultures and combines them together - you can tell they're part of *a* scene, but no one is quite sure *what* scene. It is important to note that this use of "scene" refers to a fashion trend - it isn't a subculture in its own right, because it has no music, venues, or attitudes of its own to live on after it loses popularity.

4. An ironic insult toward followers of the "scene" trend outlined in 3. Calling someone "scene" brings up images of Avril Lavigne, Hot Topic, Good Charlotte, and, more recently, Myspace; it implies that he or she is a fair-weather fan, conforming to be popular or to fit in. In that sense, it is related to the term poseur. It also implies being more worried about the more visible icons of a particular scene (the fashion and language, for example) than the music that the scene is founded on. Calling someone a scenester basically means the same thing.
1. Atreyu is a relative newcomer to the hardcore scene, but is developing a rabid cult fanbase.

2. Wow... a Thundercats shirt, crotch-hugging faded jeans, and a devilock... how very scene of you. Not to mention your ratty Converse shoes or your Know Your Mushrooms armband.

3. Be more scene. Shop at Hot Topic.

4. Enjoy being scene while it lasts, because Myspace isn't enough to keep it going once the next fad hits.
by progamer124 August 06, 2005
Literally just a scene for the post-MTV generation. Without any real idea of what made the beatniks, hippies or punks so influential, fashioncore kids focus all of their energy and mental capabilities on following clothing trends.

Scenesters live to be popular and look down on 'new' kids for not knowing anyone in their scene.
Another notable scenester trait is to make fun of other, more substantial subcultures for being 'old'.

And something about music. I dunno.
"OMG OMG OMG I can't believe she said that about scenesters! You're UNEDUCATED,"

"I love the Indie section at Virgin Records,"

"Y'know, I think it's pretty sad that you just won't admit that there's no originality left in the world. That's what I think,"

"When are all these dumb kids gonna grow out of their ideals and just become hipsters already? *sips black coffee*"
by Talksick December 31, 2008
a myspace scene whore
is that miss mel from myspace?

she's heaps scene
by rickiiiii September 16, 2008
Scene; stereotypically known to have a look as if the 80's shitted on their clothes, poofed up/dry hair, big rediculous useless bows in their hair, rediculous myspace poses such as the 'claw' (look below for reference) and the infamous myspace mirror pic, and basically a cross between "emo" and "prep".

A Scene is someone who's so into themselves that they're blind on how everyone around them hates them because they're unoriginal. Someone who's so self absorbed that they don't realize how rediculous their hair looks. Someone who worships something such as liquid eyeliner and dinosaurs. And someone who needs to grow the fuck up.

Girls look like dykes and guys look like girls.
Scene Dumbass #1:

Scene Dumbass #2:

And of course, the male-ish thing with twiggish legs:

'Nuff said.
by Anne hates scene cunts August 12, 2008
A person completely obsessed with themselves and how cool everything that they do is. with bucked up hair and makeup and dudes wearing tighter pants than girls.
Emo kids want to kill themselves

scene kids make everybody else want to kill themselves
by Destroyer of the Scene July 13, 2008
Scene has many many definitions,
But the term "scene" or "scenester" that I am about to explain is "scene" as in THE SCENESTERS.
The world of the scene is about un-original children who claim a mouth less kitten as their own, as well as worship it. Their hair is very un-original because they stole harajuku, decora, J-rock, and ganguro styles from japan. But mainly they steal hairstyles from J-Rocker's and claim it as their own. They ALL dress the same and claim to be original. Audrey Kitching is their second god, as well as the whole trasy life talk. Kiki Kannibal thinks she is the shit, just because she has a bajillion "fake" friends. That doesn't make her famous. Fame is earned through REAL life through REAL efforts, and NO being a model that is alternative is not at the top. It just means you're getting there bot not almost. Flailing limbs all over the place is NOT called dancing (though it is entertaining). The scene used to be about original kids who dressed and acted however they want.
Heck I used to be scene but I was ALWAYS original and tried to set trends, and still do. If you enjoy art and like to create clothes then do it!! Instead of always going to Urban Outfitters and buy a shirt you like because your friend had it. NO! Be original, not a clone!!
And I am not hating on anyone but this NEW scene trend is starting to tick me off. I am sick and tired of seeing half-naked girls on their profile. And yes, the people you should worship are REAL models like Kate Moss, Iman, Tyra Banks, and so on.
oh and who said you have to have straight hair to be scene??

Here are ORIGINAL scenesters that I bet you can enjoy and make friends with, they indeed are not assholes and since they have a LOT of friends they take a while to respond back.
by Laurita BeeBeecerrra January 17, 2008
scene kids or commonly now refered to as scenesters as well as the large ego and vanity share a largte interest in vanity groups of myspacewhich require general attractiveness, 1000+ picture comments and/or 2000 myspace friends, for example.
This subculture from the emo phase is aspired to by many youths, But the major rule on this subculture is the inability to call yourself a scene kids as the result causes one to then become a wannabe. so calling yourself scene is not allowed but many apsire to be scene without 'trying'. in effect another label thrown around to deny.
Scene kids are very opinionated and follow some form of art, and their dress sense orginates from that of emo with bright vibrant colours thrown in for shock value. the crazy hair styles are used to turn heads, males taking longer hair whilst females can vary from many back brushed types to 'dykish' types of the short nature.
they share a loothing of many people and come across rather arrogant.
They use other labels slang but teh use has beocme so frequent it is now their own, making the whole idea very ironic.
ryan: look at thsoe scene kids, probably going to rush off to myspace to take some more pictures of their 'angles'

tom: ryan you cant talk your a scene kid

ryan: no im not!!!!

tom: ryan did i hurt your ego

harry: tom your forgetting hes not allowed to admit. gosh

by insidelingo May 07, 2007
A primarily teenage/young adult subculture, basically the same as any other. Its participants can be identified by their vaguely androgynous fashion and their obsession with Myspace. As in any subculture, all scene kids look the same. Unfortunately, scene kids are particularly strident in their insistence that they’re all totally individuals and not conformist poseurs like the rest of the world, which is why everyone hates them.
Scene Kid: I’m an INDIVIDUAL, unlike the rest of you SOULLESS CONFORMIST POSEURS.
Prep: You and your friends all dress the same, just like my friends and I do.
Geek: You and your friends all listen to the same music, just like my friends and I do.
Gangsta: You and your friends all read the same magazines, just like my friends and I do.
Jock: Face it, moron, you’re a conformist too.
by Diamond Dog April 16, 2007

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