apparently it is someone boy or girl who wears clothing that contains super heroes and is from the section of clothing at least seven years younger than them. they do not wear collared little kid shirts. those are okay in the mind of a scenester
scenester- "zomg! that gurrrl is sc3n3 trash fo realzz!!"

scene trash-"wtf go away rly."
by September 06, 2006
Top Definition
A scene boy or girl who is so flamboyantly scene that it's kind of disgusting and trashy. Typically has at least two obvious colors in their hair, wears band t-shirts or children's t-shirts most of the time, has or wants a sidekick 3, and "moshes as hard as they fuck". Girls have long hair with layers teased at the top (and more often than not extensions) and generally wear flats. Boys talk constantly about either fucking, moshing, or boozing. Scene trash is usually followed around by scene whores who want to party with or fuck them in order to gain scene points.
Scene whore:"Didn't I see you at that metal show that one time?"

Scene trash:"Probably, I fucked the lead singer."
by babyxboo April 21, 2007
a person who displays certain "scene" characteristics (e.g. hip clothing, hairstyle, peircings), but who is letting his/her appearance slide so does not pull it off fabulously.
I need to re-dye my roots black/get my haircut, I'm starting to look like scenetrash.
by K. Gibbons March 10, 2006
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