Usually worn by girls, has long straight extensions underneath, with fringed bangs on top. Many are plain black, but can also be completely multi-colored.
Scene girl 1: I just died my hair, like, 12 rad different colors! I look SO sexy!

Scene girl 2: Yeah, well I just got a scene mullet
by Schuyler VanAllen January 17, 2008
Top Definition
the scene mullet is mostly worn by females of the scene culture.
it is exactly what it's called just more feminine. With a short top and short or long bangs with long sides and back. The top can be blown straight up or hairsprayed until it stands up.
im still looking for the picture.
Usually scene girls that are asian have scene mullets.
by kaitlyn.core April 24, 2006
a hair style for scene girls, resembling a old school mullet, but with a new twist.
David Bowie has a scene mullet in Labyrinth
by DianeElisabeth May 24, 2007
A hairstyle in the scene community,which is like a mullet but is more modern and more stylish.The scene mullet is more feminem than masquelin.In the front of the mullet is "spiked" with hairspray and/or gel.The back is long and sometimes with extensions.Usually the hair color consists of multiple colors,such as:Black,Bleach Blonde,Red,Etc.I personally have seen a rainbow scene mullet.
1:"Woah,Look At That Scene Mullet!"
2:"I Want One,Theyre So Spikey."
2:"Yeah Look At The Front!"
by KaelynnMara July 27, 2007
A popular hairstyle with scene kids that resembles a dead animal on the wearer's head, it also looks like a rainbow jacked off it it.
Scene kids need to comb down their stupid scene mullets, and dye their hair a normal color.
by DynamiteTampon August 22, 2009
something fat chix shouldn't have.
bob: yo did you see that fat scenewhore?
tom: yeah, ew scene mullet.
bob: srsly.
by tiffanyxcore September 17, 2006
short hair on top, like a bob er wutever, and its like poofed upp. with uh.. like.. long side bangs and long hair on back and sides... i sorta have one.. but not the greatest in the worldd
dick=look at that girls mullet
tracy=its a scene mullet
by OhMyGushRAWR August 30, 2007
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