the mumbles and slurs of Dave Matthews throughout his songs
Dave fans love Dave's talent of scatting, even though he really isn't saying anything we can understand.
Top Definition
A form of improvising sounds in Jazz (dapaodou-pido ...)
Scatman John
by Jvvv March 02, 2004
The non-shit-eating form

Scatting is an old jazz term used to describe a jazz singer saying/singing random words and phrases of nonsensical words. Recent Scatting: Scatman John (R.I.P) and his song collection.

Often includes the words Skap, dap, dee, doo, do, bop, boop, swee, wee, wap, wop, skee, bap etc. and most words are intercepted by an "a"
Scott: Hey i'm gonna listen to some Scat
Danny: Ew, sounds gross
Scat: Skap-a-dap-a-diddily-bap
Scott: Ohhh yeahhhhh, that's scatting for you
Danny: lolz
Scat: Ski-ba-doo-doodily-bap-swee-do-dee-bop!
by Scatman Scott May 08, 2008
A sexual act entailing defecating onto the face of one's partner.
Doctor, can i have some Picolax please, my new girlfriend is into scatting.
by Dunky Oggins December 16, 2003
The act of taking a shit on your partner, most commonly soft, greenish shit
my girlfriend scatted all over, and i liked it
by TheMan December 28, 2003
In Surrey in a town called addlestone it was named a new crime,it was in the local paper 'scat attacks' 'yobs scat barrage puts kids in danger',it was a group of yobs who set alight to dog bins and stole the shit from the bin and threw and smeared it on;parks,bus stops,cars,windows,houses,off motorways and so on.They also used human feaces.There is a video on youtube search 'gurr scatting a car window'.
Also scatting occured as a form of revenge of people.Many local places got scatted.A 14 year old boy got arrested for it called munch.
'wanna go scatting?' 'you got scatty slapped' 'you scatted that car good' 'who wants to go scatting?'
by Luke Henderson January 04, 2008
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