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Term used to secretly imply sex in a dark room with candle light. sometimes mistaken for story time.
girl- we should tell scary stories.
boy- ok?
girl- we could turn out the lights and light a candle.
boy- ok but maybe we should ask my step brother so it dosen't look suspecious.
girl-umm.... oh ok sure.
girl to herself (dumbass)
by jimmyisgay November 10, 2006
scary story a story about something that isnt true or is true but some are so do belive some.
one time there was a girl named grace tsakeris and she was walking about one day outside and she heard a loud noise but than she tried to run but she was stuck in one spot in front of a clown called it.???...but dont belive this scary story
by morgan lomer February 28, 2009
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