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Taking semi-nude pictures of yourself in the mirror.
P.s. Preferably with a bum as hot as Scarlett Johansson's
I can't leave the bathroom now - I am busy Scarlett Johanssoning...
by sp@ngeb@b September 19, 2011
"scarlettjohanssoning" is a word that came up with the leaked picture of Scarlett Johansson. In the picture you can see Scarlett that took a picture of herself and her reflection in the mirror. The point is, she's actually naked on that picture.

So the word "scarlettjohanssoning" stands for someone taking a picture naked including the mirror reflection from the same angle.
A guy takes a picture in the same angle and also naked, uploads it and that is called scarlettjohanssoning.
by FatalBrush September 25, 2011

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