Used in Ireland to suggest embarrasment in a given situation. Embarrasment that would provoke blushing.
My top fell off at the disco last night. Aw, scarlet!

Also used with "scarlet for yer ma for having ya." When suggesting that your mother must be ashamed of you.
by Nobby O'Tionscial November 29, 2007
Top Definition
brilliant beauty. ellegance.
He seems very Scarlet.
She wishes she was Scarlet.
by skizzy September 28, 2005
A word used by 13-17 year old Dublin girls (not D4's) as slang for being embarassed as the face would go bright red.
Normally pronounced and shouted like 'SCARLEH!!'
other variations would be mortification
Ohhh Jeeeesus! I just slipped in shite!
Fookin Scarleh!! (Scarlet)

Translation - Oh dear, I appear to have slipped in excrement, how embarassing.
by Black_Rose_325 July 27, 2008
scarlet is usually flirting with the boys, and knows what and who she wants.
she is very well liked and polite.

The boys say she hot while the girls say shes funny.
scarlet always has sweeties.
know for outrageous skimpy clothes and blonde bombshell hair her personality is almost as big as her bum.
but thats just the part she lets you know,

elegant and beautiful to the people who know her well.
marilyn monroe features and the biggest smile you have ever seen.
leggy and slim with curves and painted pink nails.
the innocence is just a cover for the freak in the bed.
shes up for a laugh and you can take her out to dinner she must be scarlet.

well even after all the fancy partys i wouldnt have expected scarlet to be the one still sober.
by brixcity April 27, 2011
Scarlet is the name of the smartest, most organised, beautiful, cutest and most extraordinary person that you will EVER meet. Great at keeping secrets and sometimes she can be quite cheeky/sassy.
P1:You know Scarlet?
P2: Yeah, what about her?
P1: I think im in love with her, she is so pretty and smart and good at sports and her name is so beautiful..
P2: ... ok...
by TheConfusedKid September 17, 2014
A beautiful girl who has the attitude and stubbornness of her mother. But if someone she loves is in danger, pain, or worrying about her she will do anything to make sure there okay. She promises like her dad but, never breaks them. She is like her dad by having his strength and his dreamy brown eyes. Dont piss her off her and her mother will kick your ass!!!
Scarlet is pretty
by Ms. Yvon May 14, 2015
In Dublin, Ireland, scarlet is slang for embarassed - more mortified than embarassed, a kind of huge, overwhelming, blush to your toes type of embarassed. In the Dublin accent, it sounds more like "scar-leh" with a lot of emphasis on the first syllable
There I was dancing away and all the time me skirt was caught up in me knickers - I was SCAR-leh!
by Tel June 02, 2005
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