The practice of intentionally reducing the amount of oxygen to the brain during sexual stimulation in order to heighten the received pleasure from orgasm. Not neccessarily done during masturbation, this can be more safe/fun with a partner.
by Vladzilla January 11, 2007
Top Definition
Tying a scarf or other piece of material around the neck during masturbation to abstruct blood flow to the head, and increase the pleasure at climax.
Brian: If I want to experience the joys of scarfing, what the hell business is it of yours?!
Michael: It's my business cause I'm the one that will get the call from the the god damn cleaning lady who finds you hanging from the rafters with a fucking boner!
by cuethepulsetobegin June 01, 2007
the use of something to abstruct blood flow to the head to increase masturbation pleasure at climax
karl died while scarfing to horseflesh's sweat stained t-shirt
by jackass February 20, 2005
Hang yourself by a scarf and masterbate. It really increases the pleasure.
Brian really digs scarfing from the ceiling fan.
by Ted April 21, 2003
To eat a lot of snacks in a short period of time
Ronnie ate a hamburger, some chips, a taco, some hot dogs, some curly fries, an ice cream cone, some currie powder, a couple of soft-pretzles, a pot pie or two, and 8 twinkies, all in 3 minutes. HE was TOTALLY scarfing.
by Roger Tillsberger December 06, 2007
To masturbate while strangling oneself.
The police classified Jim's corpse as scarfing due to his hand on his exposed penis and the belt that was around his neck.
by Nell T. May 19, 2008
When an uncircumcised male has his foreskin rolled back under the head of the penis for an extended period of time thus sitting on the 'neck' of the penis and acting as a scarf.
Jake was the only uncircumcised guy in the room so he made up for it by scarfing.
by mookling November 22, 2009
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