Brilliant film that is one of Al Pacino's finest moments. Scarface tells the story of ruthless, foul-mouthed Cuban exile Tony Montana (Pacino). Arriving in Miami alongside thousands of Cuban immigrants during the 1980 Mariel Harbour boatlift, Montana rapidly begins to climb the ranks of the local cocaine cartel. After a long cycle of blood, profanity, spitting, and extreme violence, Tony makes it all the way to the top, but his drug-addled paranoia (a result of 'getting high on his own supply') proves to be his downfall.
See it if you already haven't. An absolute classic.
by BadLieutenant September 14, 2004
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The best movie ever, Starring Al Pacino as Tony Montana with his freind Manny. They try to make it big, but it backfires and Tony gets caught up in some bad shit..
"This town like a great big pussy just waitin to get fucked." - Tony Montana
by Devious D April 28, 2003
1) Nickname of infamous mobster Al Capone

2) 1983 movie starring Al Pacino about a cuban refugee who comes to america and works his way up the criminal ladder. A lively and entertaining movie loved by poor imigrants, sorry, gangstas. Spawned many great catchphrases and appears in every rappers dvd collection on MTV Cribs.
Say hello to mah little friend!
by Gumba Gumba February 22, 2004
All I have in this world is my balls in my word and I don't break'em for no one
by Attila Kuti October 25, 2003
One of the best and one of the most underrated movies of all time. Al Pacino should have been nominated for Best Actor because his performance was brilliant.
Scarface is a very violent movie.
by sagzag June 22, 2004
AL Pacino as Tony Montana. 'Nuff said.
"What do you have coming to you?"
"The world, Chico. And everything in it."
by yo momma April 27, 2004
A movie released in the early 80's, perhaps around '83. Starring Al Pacino.

Although old, it is a major, major cult classic these days. Boasting kick-ass music, an interesting storyline, and the infamous catchphrase "say hello to my lil friend!", at this rate Scarface will continue to please all viewers for generations to come (I would know; I know LOTS of people my age, even those much younger than me, who enjoy the movie a lot, and enjoy the catchphrase).
"Say hello to my lil friend!"
-Tony, with an M16 equipped with an M203 GL

"That's disgusting; look like a fawkin' lizard man."
-Tony, after seeing Manny do that tongue trick

"You need people like me so you can point your fawkin' fingers and say that's the bad guy!"
-Tony, at the restaurant, probably influenced by coke
by Dave February 10, 2004
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