skater boy of arab desendent
did you see that scarab pull off that move on his board?
by krazyangie January 15, 2008
Top Definition
a mix of an arab and a scorpion, there DNA fused together in a blender hence forth creating what is now known as a scarab. not much smaller than a normal man, about the hight of a seven year old wolf dog. often found in gardens and rubbish piles worldwide.
cory: jack theres one of them scarabs on the lawn.

jack: ok ok, dw ill get the shotgun.

cory: good...good
by afar remembadis May 31, 2007
A scary Arab.
Nicholas: Yo, Arnold's nemisis in True Lies is a scary guy.

Dudley: Yeah bro, he's a scarab.

Nicholas: for suuuuuures
by thehouss October 28, 2011
A nickname for the clitoris, derived from its appearance as a metaphor in the Disney film Aladdin
Yo, you touch the scarab, you're in
by RamadaInn January 12, 2016
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