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something that you feel is wrong
Talisa said you ugly
Aww she scandalous
by ha ha thats what u get August 06, 2008
scandalous is where an action or a being is outragous. this word could also prove to be the perfect nick name for rendle.
hey, that girl has 3 cocks in her ass... thats absolutely scandalous!

hey that kid cut his hand with a blood brother... fuck thats scandalous.
by danr broadfield June 13, 2007
one who makes mouths drop and eyes pop; a raunchy and riotous event; Randy or Randalous
mmm...that hot boy over yonder is so damn scandalous! he could even be randalous!
by Mr. Scandalous Himself February 10, 2005
Somethin crazy
Her attitude was hella scandalous
by 2PyMpz July 14, 2003
A word that's slang definitions are used by widely in the pikey and chavfraternaty.

Used in this context to imply that the person in question is being mean spirited.
(works best with a Manc or Lancashire accent)

C'mon, crash us a ciggie cha! Don't be so fuckin' scandalous!!!
by Ollie March 10, 2004