bloody pirate
that scaliwag's sister has a beard and stds from suckin to much cack. johny depp is a drag queen. arr that wasn't a pirate man that was me own seester!
by punk as fuck January 26, 2004
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simply a Ho commonly used as a synonym for skanks, sluts, or skiwpskops.
Man dont fuck with that bitch she aint nuthin but a mutha fuckin scalliwag, even yo mama knows that!
by THA KING SUBCRAZI July 09, 2005
verb; to wrap yo junk in saran wrap fo protection, ie contraceptive
Haha scalliwag scalliwaged dat shit

scalliwaging is fo cheap bastards
by Not Scalliwag February 03, 2009
one of various east coast slamg terms for heroin
Yup, look how skinny he done got, messin wit that scalliwag.
by Nitty GRITZ February 25, 2005

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