A low-life from a trailor park. This type of person most likely will be seen with Circle K Feet and a Kool-Aid smile. It's also a term to describe a loose or easy female. Another name for someone who is a professional bowler with a bad combover.
Two scaliwags were arrested in the trailor park last night for stealing a 10-speed.
by Kim June 30, 2004
Top Definition
the definition of scaliwag, according to the inventor of the word, is whores that got picked up by pirates and other sailors in port. Then got fu*ked in every oriface imaginable, using any and every available blunt object (specifically including the pepper shaker). When the whore was so utterly abused and disgusting that nobody wanted to touch her, the sailors would just throw her overboard.
Paris Hilton is a modern day scaliwag.
by Joe "Burnsy" Smith December 02, 2004
a swashbuckling double crossing maytee.
arrrrrr! behold the scaliwag. make him walk the plank.
by old pegleg July 02, 2004
A slut ass bitch. That gives brain and swallows.
eeeeeeeeeer refer regfrgf.
by sdd March 17, 2005
Someone who is lazy! A person who just sits around and acts like there busy. An unmotivated piece of shit. Generally termed for females
Alex was being a scaliwag today.
If that damn scaliwag would clean once in a while.
by Coach Van March 26, 2009
A broad you slept with but don't wont to admit it to anyone.
"Hey i dont mean to in your biz but did you sleep with such and such" -Hell No, that nasty b*tch!
by D February 13, 2004
I think previous definitions are disgusting. Scaliwag is a word used frequently by a beautiful funny girl. It is used in description of a person who does something Scali or silly.
Not knowing the London Bridge was real is a Scaliwag thing
by MrAdam April 10, 2006
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