Top Definition
acronym for Sudden Burst of Energy

pronounced/rhymes with David "Bowie"

can be positive or negative and can be preceded with just about any word.. inner, outer, biggest, uncontrollable, annoyed, jealous, etc.
John: OMG, i love this song!!

Sarah: OMG me too... it gives me a sboe!


John: I can't stand that chick!

Sarah: Me either she gives me a sboe


John: I just won the lotto... biggest sboe ever!


Sarah: I hate it when that smelly man sits next to me on the bus. It gives me the biggest inner sboe!


John: Did you see that Jane has lost 30 pounds? She looks great!

Sarah: That bitch gives me the biggest sboes. Now she thinks she's all that! I'm having a punch-her-in-the-face sboe!
by ZanEey February 02, 2010

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