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1.) An exclamation of commonality; the word "Same" streched out and spoken with a lower tone on the SA, while the YYYUM is spoken with an interrogative intonation. Thus, the word should be spoken as a question although it is an exclamation. Great for making friends

2.)The only shot you have at not dying a virgin. Chicks dig this.

3.) Slang for an infection of a male's urinary meatus (AKA the dick hole) sometimes resulting in the transposition of the hole to unwanted places, like the ass.
Tyrone: I have a detrimental and incurable pissing shyness
Urologist: SAYYYUM

speaker A: You make me hot, I would like to have intercourse with you
speaker B: SAYYYM

Smithson's silly weinerhole has moved to his face! He's suffering a sayyyum.
by Dr. Leibowitz February 18, 2010
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