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Japanese name for girls
can mean:
small lily (flower)
early born lily (flower)
depending on the characters
(the main character of Memoirs of a Geisha's name was Sayuri)
Sayuri ate her lunch.
by SayuriZoolander September 10, 2006
A common female Japanese name. It is also a Indian name, with Sanskrit roots.

In Sanskrit it means "one that is close to God" and in Japanese it means "little lily" "unborn lily" "new flower" etc.
Many Japanese celebrities have the name Sayuri and can be spelt with the characters: さゆり OR サユリ
The main character in the movie Memoirs of a Geisha has the name Sayuri.
"Hey Sayuri, your name is pretty dope!"
"Sayuri is my sisters name."
"My name is Sayuri."
by kopite* October 08, 2011

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