A total babe. Sayehs usually have guys falling over them. sayehs are charming, beautiful, have amazing eyes, funny, and smiley. Once you get to know them you will never want to lose them. People who meet sayehs are lucky ones and sayeh's friends are usually the most important to them. Their friends love having them around because they are always so happy!
Boy: Hey do you want to introduce me to your sayeh!?

Girl: Yeah why you like her?

Boy: Yeah! What guy doesn't?!
by whattimeisyourappointment December 02, 2010
slang term for penis.
I love sayeh!
by orangeheadband December 02, 2010
Selfish Hypocritical, very sensitive, socially awkward
Sayeh is socially inept.
by seesee2345545 June 29, 2011
A person who can't shut up or sit still for a millisecond. One who is a "sayeh" needs sugar to stay alive...along with an exorbitant amount of caffeine. Most people should be afraid of Sayehs. They tend to be tumors to your life.
by lampoona January 15, 2009

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