A saxon is a drop-dead gorgeous, 10 out of 10, extremely good-looking female with perfect skin, an even tan (or a perfectly even snow-white no-tan), an immaculate hairstyle, aesthetically pleasing (but not necessarily big) boobs and a sonic boom booty.

A saxon can be seen indulging in narcissistic show pony acts of publicity at fashion shows in Paris, where every designer has her size.

Although a saxon may not necessarily have a nice personality, a saxon surely is a trend setter and is also highly intelligent and talented, thus displaying such skill and wisdom by doing such things as writing an intellectual book, song or article of some kind. A saxon does not live for fame. Fame lives for the Saxon.

"Holy shitting dick nipples! What about all those saxons that were at the Nicki Minaj concert afterparty!? I totally nearly bus'a'nut in my draws yo!"


"Some would say Rihanna is a saxon, I disagree, not even that trollop Lady Gaga comes close... however, the black barbie Nicki Minaj is an absolute pure saxon... So long as she never ever goes under the knife, I want to be on her. She's totally like Lil Kim x10, before all the surgery of course."
by Kommi Knoxville May 05, 2010
Top Definition
Saxon is a GameFAQs.com message board user that is extremely popular, thought to be a legendary "joke" account.
Saxon = Joke account.
by Mack November 20, 2003
Started off with 4 Kick-ass albums, but fizzled out until the 90's. Slowly rising back to greatness.
Heavy Metal Thunder!
Denim and Leather!
747 (Strangers In The Night)
Princess of the Night

Saxon rules!!
by Ink December 23, 2004
A Germanic tribe from the regions of Saxony, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstiein, North-Rhine Westphalia and part of the Netherlands. Conquered Brittain at the end of Roman rule. The Saxons in Brittain became known as Anglo-Saxons, and ruled for several centuries before being conquered by the Normans. The words "saxon" and "Anglo-Saxon" are used today as buzzwords by hate groups who consider themselves to be of pure, Anglo-Saxon blood, and therefore superior to all other races, whom they term "mud races" or "mud people." Regardless of the fact that the original Saxons seemed to have no qualms about marrying into the indigenous population, as well as the successive waves of conquerors, and indeed seemed to have no idea of race.
The Legend of King Arthur was about the struggle of the old, Celtic Brittain against the Saxons.
by Gramatkon September 17, 2006
A very attractive red headed bombshell. Makes a great bestfriend and can make anybody laugh at any time- she is a comedic genius. All of the guys want her, but have accepted the fact that she's too good for them. Loves to be in the spot light, and will one day be famous. The coolest person alive.
Jim: "Dude, who's that fine girl?!"

Bob: "That fine girl is Saxon."

Jim: "Oh ya... sorry man, I forgot."

Bob: "You should be ashamed."
by getthekeys July 25, 2009
1. The historical enemies of that King Arthur movie starring Keira Knightley and Clive Owen.

2. The legendary GameFAQs joke account.
Keira: Don't worry, I won't let them rape you.

2. GameFAQs PW Board: Saxon = Joke Account
Saxon: GameFAQs = Joke Site
by VGerX2001 August 05, 2004
Man whore
Saxon was dating me and sleeping with other people at the same time he is a man whore
by TyreneHamo September 14, 2015
A common word in the st.lucian vernacular which defines a girl/woman who is widely known for her promiscuity . i.e a dirty salop or a rat.
Oye why you eh role on d girl ? You mad mun a ole saxon dat deh e.
by ramyen August 09, 2013
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