A dependable, reliable lady who you can hang out with and talk to freely.
What a sawyer! I'd love to take her camping.

She may be a sawyer by day, but she sure looks great in a skirt!
by Parch├×eSkald October 08, 2014
Sawyer can also be a girl's name, meaning beautiful princess of love and sexyness! She is kind hearted, but can shoot well with a bow and arrow! she is not one to mess with!
Oh man that sexy princess on the top of the hill, mmmmm she shot me good with that bow!
Yeah well shes just such a Sawyer
by Pb and J otter 11 February 18, 2011
to get crazy sexual wild or crunk in a large group of people
can also be used as a term to mosh on unsuspecting people
"Yo man look at that group of ladies, lets sawyer that shit!'
by gtar4lizzife123 April 14, 2008
A guy who wears his hood up becuase he thinks it makes him look cool when he really looks like he should be trying to attract children to his van full of candy. He says he likes girls and even has a girlfriend to cover up the fact he likes men and teenage boys (prefferably at the same time). He is a nice guy during the day. but at night, you don't want to be anywhere near this guys van. He will stalk you until you are trapped in a corner in an alley and before you know it are laying on your stomach with your pants down.
That sawyer over there is creepy and we should not go near him.
by Merlin The Wizard January 31, 2011
Blonde school teacher who has excessive butt sex with all of her 10th-12th grade students. She can PMS a ton as a mating call to let her students know (preferably males) that she is in the 'mood'. But is extremely beautiful, once the butt fucking has commenced.
Dude, Our new student teacher is such a Sawyer!
by Michael Tight Palmer October 28, 2010
one who is a "Sausage Lawyer"
"Hey, this sausage taste just like mine!! i need to call a Sawyer. "

"So i heard you got caught suckin dick for money.

Ya... you know any good Sawyer's?"
by kevin mccalister May 06, 2010
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