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A device used to saw off ones fingers. Sawhorses can also be used as signage holders for open houses or other various objects. A sawhorse should be kept in the office at all times.
Bring the sawhorse to the orientation, it can hold up the signage or I can use it to saw off my fingers.......
by Birdman Forever May 15, 2006
1 5
A sawhorse is the act of a man jacking off while sitting on a womens back.
after banging the hell out of my wifes ass, I said, "Hey baby, how about a sawhorse." Without hesitation, she said please.
by baugh November 10, 2004
5 3
double penetration
When two men have sex with one woman. They enter via anus and vagina. Looks eerily similar to the legs of a sawhorse.
Bob and Mark sawhorsed Karen in the shower last night. So at least we didn't need to clean up the couch today.
by KlineXXY August 14, 2008
2 1