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a cow who implodes, recombines into a tortoise shell only to regenerate into the hindu form of kaleesis, the interstellar camel named after the great gloop of scoopin doopins developed in the radian galaxy; in other words, a sticky note
go to arbies and get me a big pack of sawg to destroy plankton, destroyer of derps
by totally ty dawg October 09, 2011
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Someone who is a bro, has tanned swag, but is a complete bitch.
Luke is such a Sawg.
by Radiation Overdose April 30, 2011
Having too much swag that you're not classified under swag
Bob is so cool. He has soooo much sawg
by Wildcat 59 January 01, 2014
can be used interchangeably with dawg; invented from a careless typo by Tom to his BEST FRIEND FOREVER Victoria
whats up sawg?
thats sick sawg!
by VIctoria McCune November 24, 2007

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