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An acronym for shitting as we speak.
Person 1: I'll pick you up in a minute, be ready.
Person 2: I'll need some time... SAWS.
Person 1: I understand. Take your time bro.
by Gilly Mammoth January 03, 2012
3 1
acronymn for Short and Wide
Dude did you see that girl. She was so S.A.W.
by Kiwicake1 September 16, 2007
8 6
Anacronym: Short Angry Welsh Man Syndrome
That guy kicking off over by there has chronic SAWS
by non-saw July 25, 2012
3 2
SAW is an acronym.

It stands for:


Get the point?
"Geeze, this guy is such a SAW!!!"

Guy 1:"Yo, buttmunch, how's it hangin'"
Guy 2:"Why are you speakin' black? You're white."
Guy 1:"I'm tryin' ta fit in betta, yo."
Guy 2:"......Saw." *turns away*
by Genevieve Am I June 21, 2011
9 9
Small Asian Women
Look at that saw! I'd let near my timber any day of the week
by vinceybaby May 28, 2010
24 24
Acronym describing the Small Asian Wang. See also L.A.W.
That asian dudes S.A.W. was smaller than a guinea pig turd.
by Cheta6075 April 29, 2003
31 31
A primeval weapon with cutting edge technology, high portability and endurance, which is useful for obliterating enemies but most effective against our friends who carry out photosynthesis on our behalf. Modernized version retains the toothed blade but takes the shape of a motor power disk which ensues a greater surface area than the original oblong (roughly) sword. This definition does not necessarily implement that saw is not the past participle of see (v.)
Saw is not good in the wrong hands. It blisters the right hands. Digital version of saw is hardly available in market.
Read Huckleberry Finn, he hacks with a saw. He saw many things he wanted to saw.
He sowed to saw.
Sawing is not believing.
by neverdoubted August 20, 2008
22 24