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Less ghetto way of saying to suck you dick when around:

1)little kids

2)older people you respect more (parents, grandparents, etc.)

3)authority (bosses, po-po, deans of colleges, etc.)

4)inconvenient places (work, family table, church, library, courtroom, etc.)

This conveniently expressing your anger and frustration without looking like a bitch for mumbling something under your breath & also not getting screwed for acting out where it matters. Can be also used for lick my nuts.
You are in court for a speeding ticket:
Judge- I'm giving you 100 hours community service.
You- Agh, savor the flava man.
Judge- What was that??
You- Nothing your honor.

You are on lunch break and your boss walks in the break room:
Boss- Hey, I want you to come back 10 minutes earlier to start stocking some things
You- Agh, Savor the flava man.
Boss- What??
You- Nothing, just enjoying my sandwich.

Your brother and you are home for thanksgiving, and your parents ask you to say grace:
You: say grace...
Brother: That was the worse grace I ever heard
You: savor the flava
by bdubbz March 05, 2010

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