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To end by surprise before grand plans have begun.
Dude, I was gonna buy that chick a drink and you savala me?
#savala #surprise #end #stealthy #commando
by Bookclub September 24, 2008
1.) A "savala" is a "fait accompli" in relation to defeating a competitor in the style of Ghenghis Khan. 2.) Executing insightful and audacious plans with efficiency and impact.

The book, Ghenghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World, J.Weatherford ; This definition of savala was coined during BookClub, 2008 as recognition of brilliant termination of competition for the Highest Office (Czar) before anyone else realised. Single word definition for similar terms of "fait accompli and its a done deal while taken by complete surprise. It can be used sexually as well.
It was an absolute savala, the championship had been decided though the players fought on and the observers waited with anxious uncertainty .
by Dr. Sciatica October 18, 2015
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