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column written by dan savage that i read every week at work and learn about fetishes that i didn't even know existed.
"how is savage love this week?"

"well this week a girl asked whether or not her fetish of taping the sound of men using the bathroom was violating their rights"

by Lisa Barnes December 20, 2006
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The brilliant weekly column written by Dan Savage that dispenses sage love/sex/relationship advice, along with a healthy dose of political commentary and social satire. Savage Love is published in "The Onion" and Seattle's alternative weekly, "The Stranger."
"Did you skip to the last page of 'The Onion' and read 'Savage Love' first?"
by sugareejen May 17, 2006
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Savage Love is the column of perverse hypocrite Dan Savage, in it he writes of his disgusting sick fetishes from gaping and prolapsing his asshole to trying to suck three cocks at once.

Dan Savage, other gay idiots, liberals and atheists proclaim that those who are against these type of practices are nothing but "religious bigots" but those who oppose these practices normally do so because of the health risks rather than out of religious reasons. Anal sex is already the riskiest form of sex without trying to tear your asshole apart.
Jimmy the atheist who loves anal: "I'm going to read Savage Love and see if it has any tips to help me slide this horse dildo up into my asshole and through to my colon without using any lube!"

Unfortunately Dan Savage, other gay idiots, liberals and atheists will learn too late about anal sex and will spend later life in diapers, unable to control their bowels as they shit uncontrollably because of all the dicks/toys they've placed up their asses over the years. That or they'll get STD's from anal sex.
by dsidf1 June 06, 2015
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