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Pronounced like "suave" without the "u". A cross between the words "suave" and "savvy", this word describes an elegant, shrewd and overall cultured person. Other elements related to these traits are applicable as well, including high fashion sense and intellect.

Can be used as a noun or an adjective.
"Look at her! She's dressed..."
"Forget it man. She's a sav. Way outta your league."


"Who do you think is more sav? Edie Sedgwick or Marilyn Monroe?"
by meanstreet August 11, 2007
38 72
Rapper from Los Angeles, CA. Main contents of his songs are about partying, drug binges, having sexual relations with married women, and not having any care about the people he tends to offend through his music, as well as his personal life.
"Bitches always be like, have you seen SaV!, and we always be like yeah bitch and he ain't fucksin' wit yo' ass"

"We in the back of the kitchen with fat bitches who will tag team that ass even if the rags drippin'"

"Out these city limits speedin' quick keepin' beedies lit/I'll never put you on your songs soundin' like a needy bitch"
by KinSTEr February 20, 2012
505 5
1. (noun) short for "savage." A person who is absolutely dominant at everything. Usually, 'savs' exhibit characteristics such as bravery and intelligence mixed with insanity.
2. (adj) having the characteristics of being savage
3. (verb)to accomplish a task easily and thoroughly
1. This kid right here is such a sav. He eats ten meals a day, saves the world, and still has time to watch Hey Arnold! Legit.
2. Special K is such a sav cereal. I eat it every morning because I'm sav.
3. Wow, he just aced all of his finals. He really savved it up.
by Neil Z May 05, 2008
227 122
noun: A person who exhibits the admirable traits of a savage, for instance being able to kill a cheeta with one's bear hands or aliing a twenty stair.

O shit! The motherfucker is a sav.
by Unknown November 08, 2003
288 230
1) to : Slap A Vag

2) also, the act of : Slapping A Vag ... written as SAVing
Wow man, SAV.

I heard he was SAVing the other day in class.
by TBUtoSAV May 24, 2009
109 97
Someone who is generally crap at everything, or the feeling of not being able to do anything (ie: being hungover)
"You're really sav"
"You're not that sav"
"I am feeling really sav"
"That rock band's last song was sav, but there next one is not that sav"
"I was pretty drunk last night, now I feel sav"
by savalan July 09, 2013
7 6
Hardcore term for savages.
Those putos who jacked Cynthia are such savs. Let's gank them!
by rezzix November 14, 2002
12 11
Adj: Something that really annoys you but will not seem to go away.

Noun: Someone who likes to drink a minimal amount, act like they drank a shit ton, then hop on any guy who does not say no in time.
" Damn this cancer kinda sucks, it's a real Sav":adj

"Did you see that girl last night?"
"Oh yea she was all over me, my friend, my girl friend, our dog, their cat, the wild turkey, the DJ, the flash light, and even your mom!!!"
"Damn...what a Sav!":noun
by That kid who knows things January 27, 2013
10 12