where the amount of weiner far outweighs the amount of pussy. usually a lot of guys who want to fight who are random and ugly. so when they want to fight, i eat rocks and shit gunpowder and they go home crying because i am so damn manly. i am tough.
emma's party

harry potter films

star wars conventions

local swimming pool male toilets

a butcher who sells sausages only
by mick shits gunpowder June 15, 2004
a big asss party full of penis and few girls
person1:yo son u get ne pussy at dat party las nite
person2:fuck no dat bitch was a sausagefest
by russell sessell March 27, 2004
Hidden agenda where most guys hang out for social purposes
It usually invovles computers and an overwhelming number of boys and few girls (if any, excluding the mothers)
Erin: I'm hell as hyped for the Lan Party!!! Yeah!! Nintendo RULES!

Lex: Sausagefest?

- Erin walks away in shame -
by Steve Simpson April 12, 2006
A Party Where there is males jacking off each other
"dude Im so sore from that sausage fest last night"
by Tim the tool man October 10, 2005
a situation in which fun has been promised, yet all the enjoyment seems best suited to homms
"shit man, i'm not sure if i can be bothered to go to Blaine's tonight - its blatantly gonna be another sausagefest. when will we meet some damn women?"
by alcxxk August 26, 2003
When a group of male people hangout together.

It is for the reason that:

a.) They are a bunch of nerds who couldn't get a girl.

b.) Group of fags that doesn't want to hangout with girls.
Bob: Hey Johnny, wanna come chill at the mall today?

Johnny: Cool who's with you?

Bob: Ugh, lets see, Jack, Mike, Andrew, Stephen, Jonathan, Michael, Alex, Philip, Mark, Carl, Steve, Danny, Patrick.

Johnny: No thanks, I don't wanna join your sausagefest.
by BackwardSock July 31, 2008
Otherwise known as a "LAN party"
Hidden agenda where most guys hang out for social purposes with their extremely advanced computers
It invovles a high number of guys with few females (or at all - usually mothers anyway)

Erin: Oh boy! I'm so hyped for this week's Lan party!

Pete: Sausagefest? Fag.


Carter: Hey wanna come to my LAN Party? We're gonna play online games with no lag!

Paul: Fag. I don't go to sausagefests.
by Steve Simpson April 12, 2006
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