When you go to an outing or party and
there are only males there or if there are many males and few females.This can also mean when a bunch of gay men go out or get together somewhere it is called a sausage-fest because they are all playing with each other's "sausage"
Hey, man did you go to paul's party last night, yea it was a total sausage fest. Hey look at those homos steven and dillon over there, they look they are going to have a sausage-fest
by Luca Brazzi November 30, 2007
homosexual orgy
christ, it's a total sausage fest in here!
by ubey-dube-banubey October 12, 2003
For example see MTU, bitch
MTU is a sausage fest
by "Bad Mutha Fucka" -Samuel L Jackson September 05, 2004
Any party put on by Christian Mahood for the prolification of his gay fantasies, especially those serving packaged meats. Activities may include "bobbing for sausages", "pin the sausage on the donkey", and "plug the hole with a sausage". These parties are only fun for gay people, so beware.
Oh man, Mahood is throwing another sausage party. The fliers are all over school. He's pretty sick.
by Rambo March 20, 2004
Another word for chauncy.
Chauncy is such a sausage fest.
by Chodo May 12, 2003
where the amount of weiner far outweighs the amount of pussy. usually a lot of guys who want to fight who are random and ugly. so when they want to fight, i eat rocks and shit gunpowder and they go home crying because i am so damn manly. i am tough.
emma's party

harry potter films

star wars conventions

local swimming pool male toilets

a butcher who sells sausages only
by mick shits gunpowder June 15, 2004
a big asss party full of penis and few girls
person1:yo son u get ne pussy at dat party las nite
person2:fuck no dat bitch was a sausagefest
by russell sessell March 27, 2004

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