when the pub/club is full of men
dam this place is a sausage fest where are all the women?
by Peter Garnt November 10, 2007
A group of 5 or more that consists of 80%-100% males. Refers to the amount of "sausages" in the group.
(all male group sitting at lunch table)

Bob: What a freakin' sausagefest!!!
by patriotslover2300 March 25, 2009
The plural for penis.
English is a tricky language. If there were more than one cactus in the room, you would call the room filled with cacti. But if there is more than one penis in the room, you would call it a sausagefest.
by A. Twat November 14, 2010
It is when the ratio of girls to guys is very slim basicly theres my guys than girls
Dude its a sausage fest in here...I know man i say we should GTFO(Get The Fuck Out)
by Robert George January 27, 2008
A party of only men, where the sole purpose is to cook and eat sausage and bratwurst.
SausageFest 2003
by Brandon December 04, 2003
a shitty-ass party where there are no ladies. or any group where there is no ladies or they are ricockulous ly outnumbered. this could lead to bookaki
My dorm floor is such a sausage fest. (At least thats what the RA thinks)

6MIDDLE MARYCREST SAUSAGE FEST--the birthplace of hallway tennis
by UD Itallion Stallion October 08, 2002
A night for the guys to hang without any chicks.
Hay, there is a sausage fest on Friday!
by Stick E January 18, 2007

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