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A party containing nothing but men. Used as an insult, as a way to call someone gay.
That party last Friday was such a sausagefest.
by Steven October 08, 2004
4 3
A gathering that unfortunately turns out to be mostly attended by middle aged Men.
Let's get a drink at the clubhouse after our round. Hell no. That place is always a sausagefest.
by Sawmill February 16, 2014
0 0
A party where there is an overwhelming number of guys than girls with the possibility that there is no girls; implying that all the guys are gay.
We heard there was supposed to be girls at the party...turns out there was his little sister and her friends...it was a sausage fest from the start
by JDB98 October 31, 2009
2 2
"When you go to a party and there are hardly any females there"

dude, there are no girls here. this is a complete sausage fest!
by KC813 February 25, 2009
4 4
when the pub/club is full of men
dam this place is a sausage fest where are all the women?
by Peter Garnt November 10, 2007
5 7
Colloquial term to describe any primarily male event. Set to be eclipsed by "bananarama" in 2011.
This primarily male event is a real sausage fest. Or, as I will more than likely be saying next year, a real 'bananarama.'
by gdvsbp November 22, 2010
2 5
A group of 5 or more that consists of 80%-100% males. Refers to the amount of "sausages" in the group.
(all male group sitting at lunch table)

Bob: What a freakin' sausagefest!!!
by patriotslover2300 March 25, 2009
27 30