A Place, Party Or Gathering With No Or Not Many Women.
Jimmy: Hey Lets Go Crash Angies Party.

Chad: Hell Naw, I Heard Its A Total Sausage Fest Over There!
by Thee Glacier August 19, 2009
A large gathering where the majority of attendants are male.
Joe: How was that party last night

Bill: Terrible it was a total sausage fest
by princesspuff July 27, 2009
When the ratio in a crowed place such as a party is 4:1 men to women.


When theres just alota fucking dudes in the room.
Two horney guys walk into a bar but see no women jus all men

dude....this is a total sausage fest lets get the fuck outta here and find a hooker
by Kelly Marie =] November 02, 2008
An area where there are more men than women.
1st guy "lets go to this place!"
2ng guy "nahh, the YMCA is a sausage fest"
1st guy "yeah... thats a bad idea... who would go there?..."
by 7aipan September 16, 2005
A party containing nothing but men. Used as an insult, as a way to call someone gay.
That party last Friday was such a sausagefest.
by Steven October 08, 2004
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