A large gathering where the majority of attendants are male.
Joe: How was that party last night

Bill: Terrible it was a total sausage fest
by princesspuff July 27, 2009
When the ratio in a crowed place such as a party is 4:1 men to women.


When theres just alota fucking dudes in the room.
Two horney guys walk into a bar but see no women jus all men

dude....this is a total sausage fest lets get the fuck outta here and find a hooker
by Kelly Marie =] November 02, 2008
A Place, Party Or Gathering With No Or Not Many Women.
Jimmy: Hey Lets Go Crash Angies Party.

Chad: Hell Naw, I Heard Its A Total Sausage Fest Over There!
by Thee Glacier August 19, 2009
An area where there are more men than women.
1st guy "lets go to this place!"
2ng guy "nahh, the YMCA is a sausage fest"
1st guy "yeah... thats a bad idea... who would go there?..."
by 7aipan September 16, 2005
a party full of guys, or a slut;'s dream night
i want to get some dick tonight, lets look for a sausage fest
by big daddy springs January 22, 2010
When a female that has more than two men romantically or sexually interested in her.
Female #1: Girl, I don't know what is going lately.

Female #2: What's up? What do you mean?
Female #1: Have you noticed I am dating three guys at once again?
Female #2: I know it's total sausage fest for you...like a man buffet for you. Just use a condom and stay safe.
Female #1: Trust me..I will.
by classymalikat November 17, 2011
A party containing nothing but men. Used as an insult, as a way to call someone gay.
That party last Friday was such a sausagefest.
by Steven October 08, 2004

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