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A party made up of Only or mostly guys. There will be a LOT of penises..Never go to a party like this.
A few helpful hints:
1. Dont go to this type of party if you are a guy. You will be called a homo.
2. Dont go to this type of party if you are a women. Let me explain. There will be a huge number of men which means a lot of penises. All of these men will want to fuck something beside their hand (they are bored of that) so they will all go for a girl. You have a high chance of getting raped here. (If you are a slut and went went to the party for that reason feel free to go)
Bottom line: Unless you want to get gangbanged dont go to the party.

3. Watch your back and cover your assholes!

Sausage Fest = BAD for Everyone
Tyrone: Hey, how was Joes party last night? Lots of hot girls?
Jamal: Hell No! Not even close. It was a total sausage fest.

Bob: Hey I've never been to Mikes parties. Are they good?
Steve: No he never has any hot girls. Its gonna be a sausage fest.
Bob: A what?
Steve: Never Mind just Watch Your back and cover your asshole.

by The War Lion January 11, 2007
36 16
Sausage Fest (or a festival of sausage) - when there is a bigger ratio of men to women at any given time. By LA2k7
Holy smokes batman, it's a Sausage Fest in here. . .
by LA2k7 aka Mr Rico Suavez February 09, 2007
32 13
A party, bar, or any type of social gathering where the men significantly outnumber the women. If you're a guy at a sausage fest, your chances of hooking up with a hot chick are practically zero.
"Where the hell are all the chicks? This party is a total sausage fest."
by Deejster September 30, 2006
20 6
with a bunch of dudes, and little/or no ladies.
ay billy how was jasons party?
dude it turned out to be a sausage fest, he brought over like 2 chicks and 30 guys showed up.
by conchita November 06, 2005
26 13
A celebration of sausages. like in vienna!
This is a complete and total, you know, sausage festival.

I love sausage festival! Like in Vienna.

No - no, Toki, that *was* a sausage festival.

Yeah, that was good.
by djelemenopee July 18, 2009
27 17
when there is a large amount of guys and no chicks...
hmmm.. those chicks just left.. omg its a total sausage fest now
by gdfhdhtkdfgbsdfjngetrdtdfg August 19, 2006
13 3
When a group of people, at a bar or other hook up place, are mostly male.
Dude, this sports bar is a Sausage Fest lets go to a nightclub and find some girls!
by Tom 7654 October 23, 2007
11 2