A group of friends or an event that consists of almost all guys
This party sucks, it's a total sausage-fest!
by random sausage March 06, 2005
A party where many men sit around hoping for someone else to call call girls from their cell phones, when in fact none of them know any hot women. Usually, they end up participating in drunk masturbation on the internet when they get back to their dorm/apartment.
"Man, this is a total sausage fest. I'm just gonna drink my coors light and beat of to broadband porno."
by Brandon October 21, 2004
a room or place full of men
this place is a sausage fest lets get outta here.
by George Bush Jr. August 30, 2005
a party where males are the overwhelming majority.
Filip's House

Nathan: aye, you hittin' up that party at Filip's?
Tony: Probably not, hardly ever any bitches.. It's always a sausage fest.
by Joe Murphy October 24, 2006
a party upon which the the man to women ratio is 6:1 or greater
Did you go to Jakes party last night?
For a minute, but i left because it was a total sausage fest
by Kori Schumpert November 12, 2007
Phrase used to describe a predominatly male party. Usually used by guys who want to give the illusion that they're bigger players than everyone else there.
Damn man, this is a fucking sausage fest. Lets get out of here.
by wongcha June 10, 2009
Sausage Fest (or a festival of sausage) - when there is a bigger ratio of men to women at any given time. By LA2k7
Holy smokes batman, it's a Sausage Fest in here. . .
by LA2k7 aka Mr Rico Suavez February 09, 2007

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