Noun: A gay male that originates from New England that enjoys surfing male porn.
Chris, (a.k.a - Meat) is such a Sausage Farmer!
by BMG68 January 28, 2009
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Any guy in general that comes off as annoying. Someone who is too cool for their own good.
That guy with the dark tan and chisel abs is checking out your girl.
What a sausage farmer.
by PoeMan August 27, 2007
Usually a gay male individual who is in search of acquiring more penises around him thus he "farms" them by planting the seeds of homosexuality and awaiting the sausages to spring up around him.
-"That guy over there sure does have a lot of male friends."
-"Yeah, he's a very successful Sausage Farmer"
by CantakerousCantankerer February 05, 2012

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