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Another name for a whore.
"Dude stay away from that sausage wallet. Unless you want AIDS"
by Cloud1613 December 06, 2007
the vagina; slimy hatchet wound; the eye that weeps best when most pleased.
The roast beef curtains on her sausage wallet appeared to be large, puffy, and swollen; it almost appeared as though you could fly a 747 into the Grand Canyon.
by weave March 26, 2003
A girls Vagina For example a TWAT, or a Tampoon Socket
n. Yeah I made her scream when i played with her sausage wallet when I was over at her house.
by Josh Grauer May 04, 2006
A slut. Women who makes money by sleeping with men.
That sausage wallet sleeps with anything with a heart beat and a penis.
by J-Lee October 23, 2007
another slang term for a vagina. a sausage being the penis & the vagina being the wallet.

hope you got that dumbass.
you are just a no good sausage wallet, the freaking whore
by suck on this ass wipe February 12, 2009
a large, capacious twat
"Good heavens, Lady Pimbleshire! That is the biggest sausage-wallet I've ever laid eyes upon!"
by Lee Henman April 01, 2003
elizabethan (medevil) term for whore
Jim: How many guys have you slept with?
Sally: Alot.
Jim: God you're a sausage wallet!
by Pirate Queen010 March 31, 2008