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A very agressive and active female sex partner. Particularly one who really bumps and grinds into her partner.
That sausage grinder bruised my pelvic bone.
by jiminton December 24, 2005
11 3
A chick with a full grill of braces and who could grind a dick down to a stump while doing fellatio.
That chick at the front desk is cut but no way I'd sick my pecker in that sausage grinder.
by wolfbait51 May 13, 2011
36 5
Insult verbally directed to a male of questionable sexual orientation which addresses his affinity toward other male penis and having said penis in his anus.
"I wonder if that red-headed guy who wears an urban kilt is a Sausage Grinder?"
by VerboseVernon November 07, 2006
6 5
A drunk chick with braces who does not suck as much as chew while performing fellatio
after about ten minutes that sausage grinder turned my junk into potted-meat
by Jannasauras Rex February 24, 2005
7 6