A party containing nothing but men. Used as an insult, as a way to call someone gay.
That party last Friday was such a sausagefest.
by Steven October 08, 2004
A gathering that unfortunately turns out to be mostly attended by middle aged Men.
Let's get a drink at the clubhouse after our round. Hell no. That place is always a sausagefest.
by Sawmill February 16, 2014
"When you go to a party and there are hardly any females there"

dude, there are no girls here. this is a complete sausage fest!
by KC813 February 25, 2009
Any gathering that is made up of an unusually large percentage of guys.

see also penis party, sausage festival, sausage party, fraternity
We ditched Sweenys cause it was a Sausage Fest inside.
by Getz December 23, 2003
when the pub/club is full of men
dam this place is a sausage fest where are all the women?
by Peter Garnt November 10, 2007
Colloquial term to describe any primarily male event. Set to be eclipsed by "bananarama" in 2011.
This primarily male event is a real sausage fest. Or, as I will more than likely be saying next year, a real 'bananarama.'
by gdvsbp November 22, 2010
A group of 5 or more that consists of 80%-100% males. Refers to the amount of "sausages" in the group.
(all male group sitting at lunch table)

Bob: What a freakin' sausagefest!!!
by patriotslover2300 March 25, 2009

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