When there are no women present with a group of men.
Wow, where's all the chicas, this is a complete sausage fest man.
by Jssippi :--> September 15, 2003
An event where there are way more dicks than chicks present.
Im never going to one of Jeff's parties again, he always promises that there would be lots of chicks but it always ends up being a fuckin sausagefest.
by ArabianGogglez September 03, 2008
A gathering of 3 or more people consisting of only males. A higher number of males equals a bigger sausage fest.

Background: A 'sausage' takes a similar shape of a penis. A 'fest' is a gathering of people, hence, a gathering of penis'.
'Woah there's 6 guys in that hottub and no girls!'
'Yup.. thats quite the sausage fest'
by caseyi May 29, 2008
any environment in which males far outnumber females; the Internet, for instance, is a sausage fest
Don't waste your money on online personal ads. All those Web pages make lots of promises but they're all sausage fests, with 98% or more of their users horny desperate men just like you. If you spend money on an ad, you're a hell of a lot more likely to hear from gay men than from women.
by Dr. Bitchslap May 24, 2003
Any college, party, gathering, or social event that occurs at, or has the male to female ratio similar to Western New England College (WNEC) in Springfield Massachusetts.
-"Dude I thought there were gonna be girls here."
-"Are you serious? We're at a WNEC party. Of course its a sausage fest."
-"Man I'm horny I haven't been laid all semester. Don't get mad at me for hoping."
by billakaherc August 05, 2006
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