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A party or reception held in the evening. And I know y'all are Led Zeppelin fans because you're the only people who spell it "saurez" instead of the correct French "soirée". This comes from the typographical error on Zep's 1979 album "In Through the Out Door" where the 2nd song is listed "South Bound Saurez". Perhaps they wanted to give it a Spanish/Mexican flair. Oddly enough, the song is neither Spanish nor Mexican nor French but honky-tonk. Who cares. It rocks.

And btw, to all you Yes fans of the same era, it's spelled (and pronounced) "wondrous" not "wonderous". I love rock & roll typos.
ZEP CHICK: Hey, you wanna come over for a South Bound Saurez? Or are you just going to stand there like a Fool in the Rain?
ZEP DUDE: Bonzo forevah!!!
NON-ZEP DUDE: wtf is everyone talking about?
by Brendie March 24, 2007
A party of some kind. More of a high class company.
I do say dear wadson, are there any saurez tonight i might be going to for a good old time?
by GFJfdgfg May 14, 2005

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