straight up chillin, so college
im feelin like a saucy-mc-sauce-tron
by sauce the boss 123 January 15, 2011
A sarcastic, pert, fresh, or disrespectful attitude.
Lizzy (to teacher): I think this book should burn, it sucks. Why in the world are we reading this shit anyway?

Teacher: Don't be saucy with me missy!

sarcasm sarcastic pert fresh spicy
by L&S4EVR May 12, 2009
Tipsy,Caked,Drunk,or Over the limit of drinkin
I'm so saucy I can't even walk
by CamdenCrimeBoss October 22, 2008
another word for being high
I'm so saucy right now.
by fjb4 January 13, 2009
1. Pertaining to a homosexual
2. Loose/Wild
1. We could tell from the way he walked and talked he was kinda saucy
2.That dude was so saucy last night in the club, that liquor was strong.
by Tlang March 16, 2008
A Descriptive Adjective when describing somebody or something in a negative way.
Yo man you played saucy last night, i stuffed the shit out of you

by GMoneySagHairs January 28, 2008
high off of marijuana, or another name for marijuana
Jane: what are you doing?
Erica: Im getting saucy

Pat: where are you going?
Lia: I'm going to get me some saucy
by Rachelx5 March 25, 2008

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