cheeky, fresh or brash (saucy is also heard as "sassy"), often also with strong overtones of sex. (No doubt an obvious link of sauce with sexual activity plays a part in this ....)
1. That new guy in your office was very saucy to me this morning ...
2. The "Carry On" films are classics of saucy English humour
by kofi May 09, 2003
The Real meaning is a certain style of everything you do (walking talking, slappin, etc.) that has a very flavorful pimp influenced appearance to it, its lightly dirty and puts a big "I don't give a Dam" in somebody's face.
origination is old but Mac D R E pushed it to it's limits~!
it can also be put into noun form, "SAUCE"
I'm way too saucy for your scrawny ass bitch
Dont make me have to open a can of sauce on your ass - Mac Dre
filled with sauce to tha rim
by Lio Lok February 14, 2007
One who likes to lick condiments (usually ketchup) from the crack of a mans anus and perenium and have the same done to himself. A saucy is not nescessarily gay just a depraved sex pervert.
i went into his living room and their was ketchup and pubes everywere, i think hes a saucy
by matt hobson May 04, 2007
When a person or event has so many connections or so much lux, that they or it starts to become tacky or pointless. It can also mean, but less commonly means, a person, event, or fad, that links they are cool or "in", but instead is cheap or corny.
Yo GK, did you see Taneesha's party? She had a home-made liquor menu, and it was so saucy!
by Valeviktorio December 16, 2006
A male who is homosexual. Or a male that carries themself in a very femenine way.
Look at the way he acts. He is real saucy.
by Lloyd-Antonio July 13, 2006
a feeling you get when there is a person of the oppisite sex that makes you feel so sexualy frustrated with wanting to suace on them with penis or vigina
damn cuzz she makes me feel saucy and aslo can be used to describe the person that makes you feel that way, damn cuzz she is saucy as hell i just want to sqeeze one out on her face
by teckdunny August 17, 2004
When Little White kids spray ketchup all over the place, and get sauce between their fingernails, and have sauce all over their mouth
man, i f*ckin hate those saucy little kids.
by Gino M. December 29, 2004
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