cheeky, fresh or brash (saucy is also heard as "sassy"), often also with strong overtones of sex. (No doubt an obvious link of sauce with sexual activity plays a part in this ....)
1. That new guy in your office was very saucy to me this morning ...
2. The "Carry On" films are classics of saucy English humour
by kofi May 09, 2003
To party with a group of friends and usually get shitfaced or wasted.
Kenny: Let's get saucy tonight!
Chelsea: Oh YeaAHH champaigne yeahhhAAHH!

Kristin: Hell yeah!
by Briannanicolefuckyourself December 10, 2010
Saucy -dirtbag staten island or bensonhurst term to describe getting drunk.ave-common avenue or neighborhood hangout which name or number is repped or shouted about.example_13th avenue
Niggas got saucy on the ave
by dbdbdb94 November 28, 2010
saucy is when you see something that is really atractive eg: car, female
1: oh my days that bird was saucy!!!!
2: did you see lee's astra vxr? it was saucy!!!
by nay.crawley December 17, 2009
Someone who chirps all the time

Getting drunk, over condident and aggresive

we`re getting saucy tonight boys
by thecrazybuzzard December 18, 2008
To get drunk with some classy bitches and hos. Pronouned sow-cy.
Man, I was so saucy last night. Ohhh saucy saucy
by Magda Carta May 05, 2007
It means that the individual carries themselves with a sort of flashy style on or off the court/field
When Akil hit Carlton with that Euro Step it was extra saucy
by D1Bound21 March 05, 2015
Katie R.
Hey Hey Hey sup saucy!?

Lol you're saucy
by Joe Sato September 21, 2011
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