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cheeky, fresh or brash (saucy is also heard as "sassy"), often also with strong overtones of sex. (No doubt an obvious link of sauce with sexual activity plays a part in this ....)
1. That new guy in your office was very saucy to me this morning ...
2. The "Carry On" films are classics of saucy English humour
by kofi May 09, 2003
smooth, to feel good, looking right, elegant, when things are looking up.
Yo my new g-shock is lookin real saucy on my wrist
by killabob July 24, 2009
One who is drunk; Rowdy Loud; snappy; good look'n

Someone who is close to you such as a friend or family member.

Crazy cool people.

If you reeally love the word ... USE IT FOR ANYTHING!!

Hey Saucy, Whats up!

You gett'n SAUCY tonight?

WHOA! ... are you gett'n SAUCY with me?

OOO WEEH ... hey there you SAUCY thang, you!

WOW! ... I am sauced!

by Rowdy Cowgirl August 07, 2008
Describing a song that is grimy, tasty, and has attitude.

Mainly used to describe dubstep songs with catchy bass lines.
Guy 1: Hey have you heard that Flux Pavilion song?

Guy 2: No, I haven't

Guy 1: Well check it out, it's saucy!

Guy 2: It must be amazing then!
by Dr MegaBass October 23, 2011
Katie R.
Hey Hey Hey sup saucy!?

Lol you're saucy
by Joe Sato September 21, 2011
To party with a group of friends and usually get shitfaced or wasted.
Kenny: Let's get saucy tonight!
Chelsea: Oh YeaAHH champaigne yeahhhAAHH!

Kristin: Hell yeah!
by Briannanicolefuckyourself December 10, 2010

The ultimate ladies man. Picks up every girl in a 10 mile radius.

Parents are on high alert for their daughter when this ladies man is on the prowl.
Guy1 - "When last you saw Saucy?"

Guy2 - "Probably when he stole my girl."
by 0100100010010 September 23, 2011
To disagree with everything someone says.
Jill-they're stupid
You-No they aren't!
Jill-You're so saucy!
by brianapiranha September 06, 2011