someone that is sooooo fecking awesome e.g BigEdude33
BigEdude33 is saucesome
by insane-adam July 16, 2010
Top Definition
an abbreviated expression of "That's awesome"
- "Hey, I got an autograph from Rihanna!"
- "saucesome!"
by rade531 July 12, 2009
when something is so damn saucey & awesome at the same time. which could be something incredibly cool or extremely hott.
whoa, your new threads are saucesome!
by sebastian March 10, 2004
incredibly awesome
That riffs in that song are wicked saucesome!
by Swingline August 14, 2003
Def 1: The abbreviation of "That's Awesome"

Def 2: Being incredibly awesome and the best.

(In reference of A-1 Steak Sauce, A-1 being the best)
Ex 1:

Guy 1: Did you hear Netflix is going to be free?!

Guy 2: Saucesome!

Ex 2:

Girl: I just landed that double back flip off the lifeguard stand!

Guy: Saucesome!
by Saucesome June 23, 2011
Is a combination of the words sauce and awesome. The word originated when trying to explain how a PAL's signature sauce burger tasted but is generally used to compliment someone or something to a very high degree.
Example 1. There is only one word to describe this awesome sauce burger and that is saucesome!

Example 2. Sweet, you are saucesome for eating here too.
by Fun on a bun July 20, 2006
A sauce that is particulary Awesome.
Guy 1: OMFG this ketchup is Saucesome!!!

Guy 2: Dude thats blood....

Guy 1: Oh

Guy 2: We can't be friends anymore.
by Keith Hernandezzz January 23, 2011
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