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1) Spiritual or religious expression extemporaneously achieved while dining.

2) The ability to create Christ imagery with food sauces.

3) Archaic. Noun. A form of absurd, impromptu hazing, specifically where the hazing party anoints his or her subject with a smeared cross (usu. with pizza sauce) in a drunken plea for the inferior being to attain some degree religiosity. Hilarity commonly ensues among fellow hazers. See: The Troubadours, Middle Ages, Greek Life, etc.
John: Quit playing with your food.
Jimmy: I'm expressing my shame, relax.
John: Wasting delicious Stubbs Bone Lickin' sauce is shameful in and of itself.
Jimmy: Not when it's elegant. This is a sauce cross.
John: My mistake, thought you were pining for Swiss citizenship again.


Cam: What happened last night?
Jesse: Well, after they cleaned up the house we lined them up, and...
Cam: Made them recite the founders and the triad?
Jesse: Not exactly... Gregg and Shane came back from the bars and there was some left over pizza. Shane took care of the cheese-
Cam: That guy'll eat anything.
Jesse: I know, then Gregg started painting away with the sauce, one after the other. I guess Jon's kinda religious. Didn't go over well.
Cam: It's not for everyone.
by Rykirb September 09, 2008
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